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Buskirk Tree Service and Landscape Inc.
Buskirk Tree Service and Landscape Inc.
Buskirk Tree Service and Landscape Inc.

Our Services

At Buskirk Tree Service & Landscaping, our most common request is for advice about how to maintain trees to keep them healthy, safe, and beautiful. Every situation is different so consult our Arborist at Buskirk Tree Service for a free consultation.
Tree Trimming and Pruning
Trimming can serve two purposes, hazard reduction and maintenance. Hazard reduction can get rid of branches that might compromise the structural integrity of the tree; maintenance can make your tree more aesthetically pleasing. We offer both services, in order to keep your trees healthy and attractive.

Tree Takedown and Removal
We never like to get rid of a tree, but sometimes it is necessary for one to come down. We dispose of trees in a careful and efficient manner, minimizing waste and invasiveness in your landscape.

Crown Reduction
Crown Reduction is the thinning of the ends of various limbs or central stems for the purpose of lightening a certain part of a tree of the entire canopy. It is a safeguard against trees falling over in storms and limbs breaking in high wind conditions.


Revmoval of dead or dying limbs.
Corrective Pruning
Corrective Pruning is taken to mean work done in an effort to change the long-term growth trends of the tree. This often means making the tree better suited to man's structures or habits, but it implies that the work taken into account how the tree will grow in the future. To prune effectively, one must understand how trees grow, how much can be safely removed and where, and what the desired form of the tree is.

Stump Removal

Stumps can be unsightly blemishes on an otherwise stately landscape. Let us help you restore your property to its full glory.

Storm Damage & Cleanup
Don’t entrust your trees to fly-by-night storm chasers who offer sloppy work and quick-fix solutions! We’ll handle the job in a safe and professional manner—and we’ll be around next season, should you need our services again.

Design Phase Tree Selection
Are you planning a new landscape for your house? Let us help you pick the correct trees to achieve the visual effect you want, and we’ll help you place them to ensure the health of your landscape.

Cabling and Bracing
Certain trees may lose their structural integrity, due to pests, disease, or just weather. Cabling and bracing may help support a tree, and can help you avoid having to remove the tree outright.

Bobcat Work
We offer excavation, demolition, and grading. Whether it's changing the contour of your yard, preparing for grass seed, or putting in that new pool, we offer a free consultation. Call or email us today!
Snow Removal
Commercial and Residential
Planting trees, grading dirt, applying mulch and extra deep stump grinding